Hello World! My name is Charlie and I started a blog as you can see. I will try to post stuff every day but sometimes i cant because the universe wont let me. In other words, sometimes i cant blog because i dont want to or there is something stopping me from doing it. When i said sometimes i cant blog because the universe wont let me is a nicer way of saying “Get out of my face i dont want to do this for you.” I have alot of important questions to ask that you probably cant answer. For example, why on those “No shirt,No shoes, No service” dont they add No pants. Like what if a guy walked in to burger king without pants and when they were going to kick him out he said “Wait, you cant kick me out, theres no rule against no wearing pants in a fast food resturant.” I bet they would still kick him out and arrest him, but at least he would have a point. So that was a little preview of what youll be seeing here.Thanks for reading!!