Today was a little weird, it was my brother, Marshall’s birthday. This morning i saw him rip through a huge Lego set and he didn’t open the present i gave him until he went a quarter through his Lego set! Marshall was called by Geoffrey the giraffe at toys r us, but he was so annoyed because he had a nice playful voice but he could tell it was a pre-recorded message when they said his name like a robot. Then he yelled in to the phone “GIRAFFES CANT TALK” and ended the call. Later we went to the town pool and it was OK, but when we were about to leave my friend Thomas came and i stayed with him. But Thomas’s sisters friend came and she was wearing a mermaid fin. I asked her sarcastically “OMG, is that fin real?” She said “What do you think?” I said “No” then she said “Well, Congratulations for answering your own question!” I was really stunned after that while i was thinking of something to say. Later when we left, I was at my house and i saw a video, there was a triangle in the video so i knew someone in the comments would yell “ILLUMINATI!” Actually 14 people did. That was pretty much it and my brother just finished the 1304 piece Lego set. Well thats all for now….Chips Ahalla wants to see ya, in a Kia