4:53- My Dad got a Quaker oats jar with the guy on it a few years ago and now he took it out of the basement and put it in the kitchen. His smirk is scaring me.

5:34- The Quaker oat guy is telling me something telepathically. I just know it but first i have to get proof.

5:45- I think his fake eyes are glaring in to my soul. OK, that might have sounded a little too deep, but it is still creepy.

6:01- Im going to look inside the jar, if I dont make it, tell the wife I never had I fake love her.

6:31- I couldn’t do it because I swear his eyes turned red when I was about to do it.

6:43- Is he smirking at me or smiling. It is really hard to tell.

6:59- I dont know what to do right now, I’ll just tell myself 50 times that it is just a jar.

7:24- The jar(I think) just told me telepathically that he is just misunderstood and he is really nice and he is ashamed that he scares people. Awwww. Now i feel bad.