Why does the thought of summer sound so good but the actual thing can be boring. Today was another day of doing nothing. I was playing Minecraft when I realized the game is a living nightmare. LIke, your stuck on a desserted world world where your only friends can be pigs and zombies. Plus, theres none of the things that people need to survive in the 21st century. Like no computers, Phones and tablets. Then I stopped playing and wondered if flies that are born without wings are stilled called a fly. It seems like they should be called a walk. Maybe if they are called walks and flies are telepathic with other flies, people would make fun of a walk by calling them a fly. That would be cruel. Anyways, later we went to our Nannys house to sleep over. All we really did there was sit around. So it wasn’t much of a change from what we were doing before. I remembered a crab that we buried in our Nanny’s yard a few years ago. It was stuffed so nothing really terrible and murderous. I went outside to dig it up and I found it…. DECAPITATED!!! If your wondering how a crab was decapitated it was sort of in half. The stuffing that was out was brown and gross. I instantly dropped it and buried it back up. Then after that I started writing my blog today, and here I am. So another boring day, I hope things will change.