This morning Marshall woke me up and told me that we were going to the Happy Hippo toy store to get a LEGO set called The Lion CHI Temple. We went there and he grabbed it like he knew where it was from heart. Then I looked around for something and I found a Magic 8 Ball. I asked it if I wanted to get it then shook it and it said “My sources say No.” IT was hurtful but I decided to get it anyways. It felt like it was really calling out to me, so i bought it (so did the 5 fart bombs, so i got them too!) I asked it when we got in the car “Was buying you worth it?” it said “Outlook not so good.” It basically said that it would have been better off in the store. Later I started asking it questions. First i asked it “Is Ross Lynch’s hair fake?” It said” Without a doubt.” Then I asked it “Will good fortune come in the future?” It said “Outlook not so good.” Then I asked “Was there a time in the universe where hot dogs were actual dogs?” It said “Better not tell you now.” In case there was a time where hot dogs were actual dogs, it would look like this.

So I learned something today. I was asking a ball for advice… Now I’m really embarrassed, but I still like the ball. And also, Fart bombs don’t lie!