Today was a mixture of fun and odd. When I woke up I went downstairs to find the Tv blaring. The lights were off on the way down so when I saw the TV I yelled “HISSSSS” and fell on the ground. Then I got back up and saw the toaster strudel commercial. It reminded me of the time my Mom pointed out that i stopped eating toaster strudels right after I saw the commercial. That boy gives me an uneasy feeling and when he says “Gooey, Flaky, Toaster Strudel!” It really sound disgusting and slimy when he says gooey and flaky. Then we went back home to our house and went to the Town pool a few hours later. The water was so cold, but when I went out of the pool the air was even colder. So I stayed in for a little while and then I noticed that my friends Thomas and Nick were there and we had fun for a while. Then we went back home later and just hung around. Then I wondered about why at places where you buy a cup then you can get your drink yourself, someone doesnt just bring there own cup and use it there. it is illegal but it would you save money. Then later I started typing my blog. Thats it for now, so See you later!