Within the depths of this morning, we decided to go to a place deep in the Pine Barrens called Wheaton village. It is a glassblowing village. Going to a glassblowing village was about as exciting as going to the Adirondack Chair Museum. The car ride was supposed to be long and I was so annoyed about that, but it only took like 30 minutes. I brought the Magic 8 ball with me in case we needed it. When we got there, Marshall was having an Aha moment and he was remembering his field trip there.  When we went in he was our tour guide and showed us around. The glass museum was sort of like the TARDIS. Bigger on the inside. The worlds largest glass was in there. It was HUGE, like 6 ft tall! We walked around for a while then went to a glassblowing demonstration. It was really hot in there, and the announcer was only really talking about what one of the glassblowing people were doing, and the other one was chopped liver. I hate it when people say chopped liver. Like, imagine if someone chopped up someones liver. Doesn’t eating liver make you a cannibal? Anyways, we left because it was too hot in there, then went to the general store. I saw something called a Jersey Girl bar, and wondered why people make fun of New Jersey. A bunch of famous people like Thomas Edison and Stephen Spielberg lived here. I got duck lip balm, a Smartie lollipop which i called the stale Smartie, and bottled water. Then we left and went to Chick-fil-a. I brought the Magic 8 ball in and ordered my meal using it. So i got a chicken sandwich and a water. Then I used the ball to find which seat to sit at. It said no to all of them so i ended up just using a seat that it said no on. Then a person sat in a seat that it said no on and i asked the ball if that seat was cursed. It said yes. Just telling you, I’m not dumb, I know that seat was not cursed. When we got home I downloaded a Hogwarts map for Minecraft. I played on it and it was like, an exact replica. Then later we went to roast marshmallows at my friend Lucas’s house. It was fun until my marshmallow CAUGHT ON FIRE AND I RAN AROUND SCREAMING THE MY STICK STARTED BURNING SO I THREW IT IN THE FIRE! The marshmallow died. And then after a few more sticks being burnt and several more marshmallow meteors we went home. Today was a bit agitating, fun, fearful, and exciting, so I guess it was a pretty good day!