I had a dream last night. Its not like Martin Luther king Jr’s dream, but it was a dream. In the dream it was sort of like Night at the museum, but Ben Stiller was a stuffed diorama and Abe Lincoln was taking a long look at him. It was actually a really boring dream. Later I was going on a bike ride with my Dad, but my Neighbor came outside and they started talking. Its not like I didn’t expect this. This happened many times before and I think it will happen many more times. After like 20 more minutes of unbearable talking I finally cracked and told my Dad “Dad, nobody cares how many Rush albums you have!” Then my friend Lucas called and Marshall and I went to his house. Our friends Ryan and Jack were also there and we watched the movie Spy Kids 3. It was a fun movie, I guess. I had a lot of questions though. Why on earth would you have kids go on a secret mission where they have the chance of dying. Wouldn’t the kids have  a choice to go on the mission? It really seems like they just forced the boy to go on the mission. Then later we went home and I just sat on the couch watching SpongeBob. I don’t remember when a sponge became a sea creature, also i don’t remember when a sponge learned to talk and breathe! If sea creatures could talk my fish would still be alive because it would have told me why it was dying! Then I challenged myself to tape a napkin over my eyes for 5 minutes. It felt really weird having a napkin over my eyes. I opened my eyes and it felt really weird. After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore so I ripped it off. It felt like I ripped wax strips off myself! That’s pretty much all that happened today besides the fact that my eyes still feel twitchy. Bye!