When I woke up I felt like a rag doll. I felt like I was going to fall over and fall on the ground for a few hours. Now lets talk about something not even half important. When I was eating breakfast I told my Dad that I felt older then 10. He asked me how old i felt. I said 13. He said that I didn’t look 13. Then I said we he will have to wait and see when I’m 16 and I’m driving. Then he said when I’m 17. Then we argued like that for a while, then he finally gave up and said” Where are you going to get money to buy a car?” I said” Well I have a trust fund, you and Mom are providing it for me!” Later my friends and neighbors Ryan and Jack came over and we went on a bike ride to Dead Mans Hill. I wonder why they call it that. Did someone fall off their bike while going down it? Or did some nerd make up a story about someone dying there and named it that. Actually, I think someone just spread that name around and it caught on. Now im thinking that I dont want to be 13 yet, I want to stay 10 for a while. So right now im thinking why do 24 hour shops have locks on their doors? Thats about all that happened today. I’m serious, it is. See you tomorrow!