This morning I was trying to find something to watch on TV when I saw Edward Scissor hands on. I didn’t really watch it because I’ve seen it before and because it bothered me too much that the creator wasn’t considerate enough to give Edward hands. Why would you make a person but then torture them by giving hem scissors  for hands? If I were his creator I would have gave him hands. I would also have done something about his knowledge and make him talk right. Other then that, it’s a pretty good movie. Later I went on yet another bike ride to Dead Mans Hill. But this time 2 teens came by on bikes. One of them said “Hi’ but the other said “My anus is itchy.” Why would you say that to someone you just met? Then I found a superman comic book in my room. Later I thought about, and now I think if Superman and Wonder Woman were real, they would be considered narcissists. I’m not trying to be offensive to Superman and Wonder Woman, but im just trying to make a point. But just one more thing. Just kidding there’s nothing else I just wanted to sound like Colombo. But still, why in the show Good Luck Charlie is the little girl the sassy one. The little girls in TV shows are always really horrible. But thats pretty much all that happened for now. Chow!