This morning I woke up to absolutely nothing so I didn’t really want to get out of bed. Then I went downstairs and was watching TV when I caught a glimpse of a Dora the Explorer episode. In the show im pretty sure that girl can only walk one direction. Also she encourages kids to scream at their TV’s. In the show (I’m sort of embarrassed that I know so much about Dora, but whatever) I remember seeing an episode where Swiper the fox tried to steal a book and then Dora and Boots started yelling ” SWIPER NO SWIPING, SWIPER NO SWIPING!” Then he said “Aww, Man!” Then gave the book back. Then Dora’s talking horse told them to let Swiper have the book so he could read. I could definitely find something wrong there. That horse is encouraging stealing for their own satisfaction. Then I was done with that and I had Cheerios. Yeah, I said it, Cheerios. I dont even remember just Cheerios. Mostly Honey Nut Cheerios. So then I saw an animated spider man TV show that is now on Disney XD. Then I was thinking about If Spider man was fat and he was swinging around on a string the string would break and he would fall. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t see why Spider man doesn’t just fall when he swings around. Like, could a string hold a human being? Or would they just fall? But another thing about Spider man, If he was bitten by a radioactive spider, why didn’t he die from that spider bite? But then later I was on yet another bike ride, and I went to a outdoor theater called the Dell. I saw the Director from the acting class that I was doing, Steve. He was there watching a dress rehearsal for a play tomorrow. We were talking for a little while, and it was nice. I felt sort of high classed there, because I was watching a performance, and I felt like I was judging it. So then I came home, and here I am now! So thats all that happened today. Au Revoir!