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My morning was pretty boring, like we were just pointlessly waltzing around. Anyways, getting to something important, or at least half of a half important, I noticed that Mario takes all the credit from himself and Luigi adventures. Notice anything from Super Mario bros, and not Super Mario and Luigi bros. I know thats a lame name, but the game also could be called Super Luigi bros. And there are so many Mario games, I think Mario would be sick of rescuing the princess after like 30 times. Same with Link from The Legend of Zelda. Anyways, later we went to PJ Whellihans for my Grandfather’s retirement party. It was fun, and with all the albums over the wall my Dad felt like he was in geek heaven. So then later we went to the Dell to see a play. It was about 3 soccer moms who were going to play a soccer game with their kids, but they were planning to let their kids win. But during the wait to play the game, they became more and more serious about winning the game. I liked it, it was fun and funny. So after that, here I am. After all that happened, Im trying to blog while trying not to get distracted from the Simpsons marathon. Bye!