In the morning I felt like a ticking Time bomb. It was excited for my friend Lucas’s sleepover but I was also nervous because I didn’t get him a present yet. I felt like a bad person because I didn’t get him a present yet, but I think I’m okay. My Dad was at Walmart and I was trying to manipulate time and make him come back faster. Trust me, it didn’t work. I think it only made him take longer. Anyways, when he came back, I was too busy doing something else my Mom went to get school supplies! It was 3:00, my mom just got back, and we went to get him a present. But we had to stop at Woodshop Films( My dad has a job there, and there they broadcast a TV show!) to drop off lights that my Dad borrowed. After that It was 4:00, and we just got at Toys r us. I got him a Lego set and we left. It was 4:19, we were going home, and there was traffic. I was trying to imagine the cars around us in Canada! So then at 4:57, the party is at 5:00, we got home, wrapped the present, got my stuff and left. I am still in awe that we made it! When we got there, we were mostly jumping around. Later after singing “Happy Birthday!” it was time for him to open presents. He was happy with what I got him, which I am sooooo glad about. We were sleeping over his house, so then later his Dad took us to the movie theater! We saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I never really knew I liked them until I saw the movie. Marshall is a turtle fan so he knew everything about them. It was a most sufficiently divine movie. Sorry I just wanted to sound like a high-classed British lady. So after that it was raining outside so we didn’t set up the tent out there. So we ended up setting it up in his living room. Everyone is downstairs in the tent that looks like a giant balloon and I am up here blogging. It is 10:37, and I am tired. Your welcome for blogging at 10:00 at night! Goodnight or if you are reading it at any other time of day Good morning or Good afternoon!