Today was insane! In the morning I woke up to ” It’s about time you woke up.” Lucas was leaning over me so when i woke up I saw him and I yelled “What the heck!” I turns out the reason I woke up late was because I stayed up until 2:00 in the morning. Lucas said “If you are wondering where Marshall is, he went back home to your house to say hi.” I was really expecting him to say Marshall was tied up in a room. They said they already had pancakes, but there was a few left over if i wanted some. I was fine, all I wanted to do was see Venice, which I knew I couldn’t do. Later, Marshall came back and told me that we were going to Ocean City NJ today! Not the Maryland one, which would have been cool if we went there. We have never been there before, and it is really cool that we are going! But while we were still at Lucas’s house, it was time to use the ultimate weapon, the one several people have been afraid of, it is, SILLY STRING! We all got a can, and went outside to use it. Ryan, Jack, Lucas, Marshall and I all started using it on each other. I decided to be stealthy and run behind Marshall then spray a huge clump on his head. He decided to get me back and nearly covered my whole face with string until he ran out. He was just trying to hide when I came out and I felt like he was Luke Skywalker and I was Darth Vader, and I just said “Luke, I am your father.” Then I sprayed him but then Jack came behind me and tried to spray me but he was out of string. Thats when I sprayed him, and he fell down on the ground. Ryan yelled “Yes, I win!” He took Lucas down because Lucas had no more string. I told Ryan I still had string, and it was the final battle. I sprayed him but I ran out, and he claimed his victory. So after that, we had to leave, and when we were home we were going on our way to Ocean City! The drive wasn’t important, so I wont talk about that. Later when we arrived, the first thing I saw was Mc Donald’s. Obviously. We drove to the boardwalk because we heard that was the coolest thing there. On the walk down Boardwalk lane, I saw my friend Alex and Reagan doing Mini golf. Obviously I said hi, but we didn’t really stay with them, so we kept walking. I saw a huge ride called the Double shot and we were walking towards that. When we got there, we walked through an arcade to get to that place. It was like a hidden amusement park! We got some tickets, then went on some rides.We first went on the Tidal Wave, which made me feel like my heart was in my throat, but then falling down to my legs. Then we went on the Log floom. It was peaceful at first until we got to the first hill then we went down and it was insanely fast! The we tried the superman thing, where you lay down then go flying. That was kind of boring, so then later we tried the Hurricane. That thing was horrible, it felt like I was going to puke out my liver. After that we were done with the rides, so we went to the beach. There was a sign saying there were Rip tides. I knew what it meant I just hoped in this case it was someone ripping their pants in the water. I went in the water anyways, and It was fun. We didn’t stay that long, so then later we went explored Ocean City a little more, then we went home. The ride home was fun, but that is not important either. So you just read the longest post ever on the history of this blog. I hope you liked it, please do because this took a long time to write. Bye!

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