Everyone is bummed. School is coming and I have mixed feeling about it. If you are a kid too please don’t act like im dead to you. Its just that we didn’t do that much this summer. It was fun, but it was mostly sitting around. So today all over the news it was talking about school starting. They hate kids feelings, ruining their lives for publicity. Its not like reporters want to spoil a child’s day, its just that they are getting paid to do it so they start thinking the child will be okay. That is harsh, but the truth. Anyways, later we went to Walmart to get some more school supplies, but there should have been a sale in my opinion. But there was already one at the beginning of the year. They bum kids out when summer ends, with sales for the next school year. It’s not like I hate school, but it’s not like I would ask to extend school hours to when brain cell loss occurs. School can be annoying, but it could also be less annoying. Anyways, later we were mostly hanging around, when Marshall assassinated me with new foam swords that he got. It was mostly going on like that for a while, then we went to the pool after dinner. There not much happened at all, we didn’t stay long. Then after 3 Simpsons episodes here I am. So today is gone, today was okay, but tomorrow is another day.