In the morning I was deep in the question “Why does the Easter Bunny give out eggs? Rabbits dont lay eggs, that’s a chickens job.” Anyways, later I saw like 7 people do the ALS ice bucket challenge. Personally, I think the challenge is stupid, but I know ALS isn’t. People wasted sooooo many gallons of water on it. Actually, I think it would be fun, but cold. So anyways, later I was getting annoyed by shirtless construction workers next door. They would make overweight people feel bad, but they do annoy me because they have like a million tattoos. Seriously it looked like their bodies were paintings. So later I went over to my friend Robert’s house. We went in to a club house that they made since the last time I’ve been there. But in the house I was surprised because there was an outlet and an air conditioning, also WiFi. I’ve seen only two club house before and none of them have air conditioning. It was very impressive indeed. Very Impressive. Anyways, later we played Harry Potter Clue. I’ve never played classic Clue, or any Clue before so I sort of ruined the game when I told them I had Dolores Umbridge. Later when I was back at home, for a very brief time, we went on a family bike ride. When we were in the park Marshall and my Mom went back home. So my Dad and I kept going, and we saw a shirt pinned on a tree. Why on earth would you pin a shirt on a tree? That’s exactly like putting pants in a Happy Meal. Then I saw a guy who was holding his kids captive in a trailer bike. On the end where his kids were, there was a screen so his kids couldn’t fall out. Also one of those kids was wearing a mustache. Later I realized that this is my 20th blog post! 20 blogs ago I had a plant grow in my head and that carried the idea of making my blog. Continuing my blog might have been a blight that killed all my free time, but I think it is worth it. Thanks for reading, and I hope there will be a lot more where this came from. Bye!