This morning I woke up to hearing someone choking. I f you are wondering what choking sounds like it is mostly gags. Then I looked around and saw that it was only the Simpsons and Homer was abusing his son. Typical. ANyways, later this question was bothering me. A stitch in time saves nine what? All phrases make no sense. Plus the most disturbing nursery rhyme ever “Pop goes the weasel!” Poor exploding weasel. And I just realized Jack that fell down the hill must have severe brain cell loss. Other then that, I have no complaints. My Uncle John was watching us today, so this line after the comma that shouldn’t be there is pointless. He told me a story about Homer the pig. When he was in college, his friend got a pig. They named the pig Homer because the Simpsons were becoming popular then. Homer lived in their garage and after 2 months Homer gained 50 pounds. Really late at night, there would play with Homer in their backyard. Once they left Homer in their house, he wrecked everything and ate almost everything in their fridge. But one grim day, while they were out of the house, Homer got loose and ran down the street. The pig was caught, and we think he went to a petting zoo. But I think he was turned in to bacon and he runs happily in piggy heaven.

So anyways, later we went to the town pool. Lucas was there, and we had fun for a while and later we went to the snack stand. While we were there, we saw a girl run up to her table screaming “I GOT THE CUP OF CHEESE!” She sure enjoys attention. When they got to the table im pretty sure the cheese spilled. So I have one more thing to say. I have nothing left to say.  Hasta la vista!