Today was a bit boring. I couldn’t stop thinking about how the Charmin Ultra Soft bears could talk nonstop about toilet paper. Seriously, how could anyone care about what you rub your butt with. Other mascots are weird, but at least they dont really obsess over their products. You know what, i’ll just say that at least they are loyal to their products.

This bear is misunderstood

Later we went to the pool, again. We went to the snack stand a little while later and I got an Icee. Then I noticed a surfing polar bear on the bottle. Did a surfing polar bear just pop in to someones head, or did someone just imagine themselves surfing and this came in to mind. Later, I came up with a word. Blogenharty. I know it sounds like something a sailor would say and it sounds dumb, but I’m going to try to be like Merriam and Webster and get this word to catch on. But if you wondering, it means thankful. This was pretty much all that happened today. I bet someone just went to Disney world today. Someone might have just got rid of their stage fright and put on a Broadway show. But this, was my day.