This morning I was digging through my closet until I found this. A chicken hat. I put it on and it felt like my head was in a deep fryer. I thought the best thing to with it is put it on my dogs head. I strapped it on so he couldn’t just shake it off. It was hilarious seeing him run around with the chicken hat, but then I took it off because I felt cruel. Later I challenged myself to wear the hat all day. I might have done it at the wrong time because we were going to go to famous footwear, then the Mall, then Walmart. I thought about it, but I just brought it with and if I wanted to wear it I could. I was also trying to spread the word Blokenharty. When we went to the mall we went to Auntie Ann’s, and I told the lady that I was very Blokenharty that I have my pretzel. She said “What?” I didn’t even bother to explain. At Walmart I was holding the chicken hat then this boy came up and said ” HI chicken!” Later I was playing Xbox with my friend Brennan. We were talking through a mic so he couldn’t see me, and I couldn’t see him. It’s like having someone next to you but they are actually at their own house. I asked him If he was Blokenharty. He said that that was the dumbest thing he ever heard. Then finally, I asked my friend Ryan that and he just started laughing and said “Charlie, it is really hard to take you seriously with that chicken hat on.” So, I’m three quarters for completely giving up Blokenharty. I think its a good word. Though I know other people disagree. So please help me and spread the word, literally.