Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, I slept over my Mom Mom’s house so I didn’t get to blog. This morning, I was woken up by my 6 year old cousin Anthony. He was about to do something that I can’t mention because his Mom is probably reading this blog. So I wont say. Later I was thinking about the movie Up. That old man is an idiot. If you tie a couple of balloons to your roof your house wont fly, I can tell you that. If that old man wanted peace why didn’t he just go on a vacation, or lock his door? But I can’t judge, because if some one resorts to balloons they must be pretty desperate. So, later I tried to continue spreading Blokenharty. I was with my friend Jude on Skype and I asked him if he felt Blokenharty. He said “I feel Blokenharty.” I said ” Do you even know what Blokenharty means?” He said “Not a clue.” Then I didn’t even bother. Later I was thinking about if you are telling the truth if you lie in bed? It may make sense if you have no sense of literal meanings. So later I went to the Urban and I searched up Blokenharty. It wasn’t there, but it said I could add it. So I did, and they will send me an email soon, and Blokenharty will be a word! So all I have left to say now is Now we wait.