Dang it! Last night I got an email from Urban Dictionary.com. It said that Blokenharty was rejected. On the top new words list on that website, the number one spot goes to the word “Lemonparty.” So I just submitted the word to the website again, and hopefully it will change. But anyways, later we went to the town pool again. On the speaker the guy said ” This is the last day of the town pool, so enjoy it.” I thought he said “This is the last day of the tow pool, so be Blokenharty about it.” But he didn’t. So then later I saw a Ladybug and I wondered what a male Ladybug would be called. Would it be called a ladybug, or a manbug?So right now I am super anxious to find out if they accepted Blokenharty, or rejected it. So bye, or on the Urban Dictionary Travenhock!