Twas a dark day, the day millions of people dread, the first day of school eve. Everyone was savoring their last moments of summer. The backpacks were hung on the closet with dread, in hopes that sickness will soon be there. The children were annoyed stuck in there beds, while visions of boredom danced in their heads. And mom with her wine, and Dad with his beer, had just settled their brains for a new year of whining. Like my poetry? I know it could have been better, but whatever. Hey that rhymes! Later at lunchtime, we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. The car in front said it sponsored “Stony the Party Llama.” That sounds really weird, like it sounds abusive to that llama. It also said “Come party with the party llama!” But I have to say one thing. I am still going to blog, but I dont think I can do it every day now. I will try, just I might not be able to as much anymore. But I guess today will have to end like this. The moon on the breast of the fallen leaves, gave dim light to objects below, why what wondering to my eyes, came nothing attached to nothing!

You are rocking it stony!