On the first day day of school, my backpack gave to me, a hernia cause it’s so heavy.

So now I am a 5th grader! It feels pretty cool to be the second oldest class in the school. To be honest, I dont know any other class in the school except for my class, the other fifth grades, and the fourth grade. I know the fourth grade because that is Marshall’s class. So there is only two more classes to go through until i go to middle school. My new teacher is Mrs. Baals, but she is on maternity leave so my substitute is Mrs. Curcio. But after school, I figured out a loophole to get Blokenharty in the Urban Dictionary. Whenever it is rejected I get the option to become an editor, so after my word is rejected, submit it again, become an editor and accept my own word! I did that, and Blokenharty was accepted! So now I have my own fake word but it is virtual so people will believe it! But think about this. If our parents tell us never to take candy from strangers, why do we celebrate Halloween? Ive been thinking about that for so long, yet I still dont have an answer. But if anyone does, please tell me. Bye!