On the day of school, my teacher gave to me, two loads of homework

And a hernia cause my backpack was so heavy.

Ugh. In school today it was just getting to know the class. But afterwards there was really nothing to do because when school started, you cant just do whatever you want because you have to go to bed earlier and summers over. So basically they are saying everyone else cant have fun if your kids dont feel like they are in prison. So now that thats out of the way, last night something happened that made me think more out of the box. We were going to get a picture that i need for school from CVS, and I got a pack of gum. When I got the gum, I realized that chewing gum is sucking sugar from a pink wad. That made me look in a whole new disrespect from gum. Later I looked at my blog, and I realized that stupid safe web has been putting endless ads on my blog. That must be annoying to see that. Later I thought about a way to create energy is to get oil from teenagers faces and use that oil to fuel cars. I told my Mom and she said that that wouldn’t work because it’s not that kind of oil and teenagers would just say no. So that is pretty much all that happened today. I guess I’ll just end today with this. Bye!