On the third day of school, my teacher gave to me, 3 broken pencils

Two loads of homework

And a hernia cause my backpack was so heavy.

Ok there was something from the first day of school day I forgot to say, so here it is. When we were introducing ourselves, one of the two Jacobs in my class acted normal, and called himself Jacob, but obviously when it was the other Jacob’s turn, he said his name was T.J Wit. I dont know what he was thinking. Later I searched up T.J Wit on Google, and I found his Facebook page. I know it wasn’t Jacob’s, but it was definitely somebody. So it was the first full day of school today. Which means now there is recess. I used to like recess, until I went in to fourth grade. In 4th 5th and 6th grade you dont go outside to the regular playground. You go to the “Playard” as the teacher says, but It’s actually just the parking lot they turned in to a courtyard. When you get in to fourth grade, you enter a world full of buzz cuts and jocks. So basically I think recess is a waste of time. Then with lunch we have lunch last so the younger kids eat first, but when they do they always leave something at our table for us to see. It’s usually globs of some foreign food. So that was my day. Not much at all, but something. It might seem like I would try until I have hurt myself in ways that haven’t even been invented yet to get out of school, but I like it. I may have made it seem horrible but it is really not that bad. Anyone who went to school probably had mixed feelings about it. So….. bye!