This morning all I wanted to do was just have a lazy day, but obviously that didn’t happen. It was the first weekend after school started, and now I feel like a lobster with rubber bands over his claws. That is just what happens when school starts. My dad told me the we were going to his friend (Mark Brodzik’s) son (Cash’s) birthday party. It was a Pac- Man themed party. To be honest, I’ve never understood Pac-Man. You control a little yellow thing and try to get him to eat all the Tic Tacs. But the ghosts that look like old fashioned Jell-o molds can touch and destroy your fat little monster. But if your Pac-Man eats a bigger Tic-Tac the ghosts will turn blue and run away while your Pac-Man eats the ghosts. It is sort of a complicated game in a way, but I still dont really like it. When we got to the party, Cash told us that we were going to go in the pool. So that is what we did. The water was so cold, I felt like I was in Siberia! But later, It was time for the insane birthday cake.

This is a sugar-holic’s dream!

Can you believe that? It was nothing like I imagined it would be. I’ve never actually had a two layer cake before, and now I know. But then later, It was time to pin the tail on the cow. I wondered why it was a cow and not a donkey but Cash said “The reason it is not a donkey is because the donkey was in too much pain from other times playing this game.” So the little kids went first, and I smelled a conspiracy was afoot. The reason I’m saying that is because I’m pretty sure all of them cheated because they all place the tail on the exact same place. Then it was my turn. They spun me around like nineteen times because im the oldest then pointed me in the direction of the tree, but at a different angle. So right when they said “It is right there Charlie” I placed it and took the blindfold off. then I realized they tricked me and I placed it on some bark. So I lost. But at least I know that they cheated. So then it was time for the Pinata. It was a string pinata so you had to pull the strings and see which one broke it and made candy come out. All of us went except for Cash’s four year old sister. None of us had made it yet but when she pulled it the pinata broke and all the candy came out. I still cant believe that. So then we went home, and we just hung around. So that was my day. A little exciting, annoying, fun, and dumb, so all I can say now is that it was a pretty good day!