On the 5th day of school, my teacher gave to me, 5 squeaky erasers

4 protractors

3 broken pencils

2 loads of homework

And a hernia because my backpack was so heavy.

I’m super tired right now. The last two hours were filled with endless seeming heaps of homework, and repeating the same word over and over again while drifting asleep. I know this is a common problem that everyone has had in there life, but it has to be one of the most annoying. And unfortunately, since I am a leftie, my hand rubs against the words I just wrote so it really hurts after a while. I’m pretty sure at one point at one point I just daydreamed of sheep jumping over fences, which probably isn’t normal. That just has to be the worst feeling in the world when you are pushed over your limits to do something that you couldn’t care less about. But earlier, I was doing my homework until my dog pushed the ball under the couch. He just kept growling until I had to come and get it for him. Then if that wasn’t already annoying enough, when I sat back down I heard a clang of dishes and he just rolled the ball under his bowl. He started growling yet again and I went to get it for him. Then a few minutes later, he rolled it under the couch again so I just left and took a break. I was done for that short period of time, but I knew that I would be tethered back to continue it, annoying dog or not. So right now it is 9:40, and I feel like right now that the only thing that will make me feel awake is if someone power washed me on the face. Bye!