On the 7th day of school, my teacher gave to me, 7 swans a swimming

6 gloppy gluesticks

5 squeaky erasers

4 protractors

3 broken pencils

2 loads of homework

And a hernia because my backpack was so heavy

T.G.I.F is the same thing I’ve heard like 7 times today. I know it is good that it is Friday, two day weekend, not enough time for anything, feeling like it wasn’t enough after it is over, and feeling like school is over until you wake up on a Monday. To be honest, it is not that great. Weekends have always been a blur of over excited people happy over two free days, and thinking that it sounds wonderful then when you actually start living it you know that school isn’t much different. So if it was longer, I would be satisfied, now I just want to go back to Monday. Anyways, later it was recess again. I still think recess is a waste of time, and that we should be able to choose what we spend that time to do. If we could do that, I would spend my time eating lunch earlier with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. I would do that, and let them know what happens in the future grades. If you want to know, space monsters stuff hot dogs from Earth 3 in to your mouth. Then those hot dogs make alien eggs inside you, and it will be the sequel to the movie Alien. No I wouldn’t tell them that, but I would tell them that it would be different. But anyways, at recess there is always this annoying girl (no names shall be mentioned, with the little chance my Dad just told me about that she might read the blog) who is always possession of the corner of the courtyard. If anyone really walks up there she yells ” YREHFJTRHGRDHTFUT!” I’m not joking, and also she goes on a concrete rock and annoys people who go over there. She is like a serial killer, except she gives away exactly where she is, makes you want to stab forks in your eyes, gives you the feeling that jumping out of your window would be better, and she won’t kill you, just something far worse, make you feel that it would be better if you were being killed. If you are wondering she has friends, so I don’t know if you are going to feel bad for her.  Anyways, later during math the whole class was staying silent while the math teacher and Mrs. Curcio were talking, everyone was staring at them, and then when they finally realized that they were being stared at the math teach said “Uhh… Quiet down, no more chit chat!” Can you believe that, I have to give credit for trying to defend herself, but in that way of blaming it on other people, it just feels like she just offered me gum, I said OK and started chewing on it, then she yelled “NO CHEWING GUM IN CLASS!” Later, after school it was our first soccer game. My dad told me to break a leg, and it felt really weird having him to say that when the body part that you use the most is your leg. It felt like he was saying “Go chew some gum!” when someones braces were just put back on, and they couldn’t chew gum for another two years. We did OK at the game, we lost 3-4. It was fun, I liked it. That was basically another day through my eyes, so Bye!