On the 9th day of school, my teacher gave to me, 9 50 pound notebooks

8 wormy apples

7 swans a swimming

6 gloppy gluesticks

5 squeaky erasers

4 protractors

3 broken pencils

2 loads of homework

And a hernia because my backpack was so heavy

I know I’m beginning to start all these posts with the word sorry, but in my defense I barely get enough time to blog now. It’s obviously because of homework. Well I’m not trying to sound like a 3rd grader and be like “I have too much homework, life isn’t fair !” (Say that in your best 7 year old impression) It’s just that through my eyes it is not a big deal, but I know it is really not giving me enough time. Well speaking of dramatic 7 year olds, on the walk to school Marshall and I saw a bunch of kindergarteners with Mohawks and long black socks. I wonder who started this idiotic trend of making yourself look like a total jock who doesn’t even really do anything but sit down and play Xbox. We called those fun sized jocks Jocktots.  I really love that name. Later after school I saw a commercial for Party City. That might seem normal, but they were advertising Halloween costumes! Can you believe that, it is still September.  It is not like someone will be like “What is the one thing I dont need, Oh yeah, a Halloween costume! Let’s go buy one!” It is just really annoying when they advertise something in September, like a Halloween costume, and then it is October and your like ” Wheres the Halloween costumes?” Mostly I’m just really annoyed about that because I always get my costume in October. Ok, I have to go now, I need to get ready for school, Bye!