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Last night I got an email from my brother. It was a link to video where a goat screams. It scared me, because last night I was sleeping and he played the video really loud, and I screamed and woke up. If you want to have freakish nightmares, look at this video:

Trust me, it will scare you. Probably not in the way you are thinking of, but let’s not get in to that. Later Marshall’s friend Sam came over, and we went on a hike at a place called Crow’s Woods. I begged not to go on the red path, which was the shortest one. So we ended up going on the white path. I regretted it after a while, because it took a while. It is not like I’m a giant, that spends 7 hours a day at the gym, listening to Rhianna music, and only eating broccoli. To be honest, I’m not that kind of person, and I’m glad I’m not a total jock. On the white path it was much longer, and I ran out of water a long time ago. Ok, my Mom just told me that we actually went on the red path, and I was just trashing myself for a little bit, and now I have an even bigger right to say that. Then later, when we went home I went to a street fair on Station Avenue. It was a “Paint the Town Yellow!” festival, and It was really fun. I called my friend Lucas and Ryan to come, and after a while we got cotton candy. I’m pretty sure the guy who sold the cotton candy was using subliminal advertising to get us to buy it. I say that because he said ” Hey, come get some Cotton Candy! You will be a hero! You know you want it!” So we just got it. If you are wondering why he said we would be a hero, it is because he was from Alex’s lemonade stand. And finally, later I saw a show called “Pink Panther” on Boomerang Network on TV. I have never heard of that before, and I though it was strange. I’ve heard people walking down the street last year saying “Dead ant, Dead ant, Dead ant dead ant dead annnt!” But I never knew what that was from. So, all I have to prove right now is you learn something new every day! Bye!