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On the 10th day of school, my teacher gave to me, 10 pop quizzes

9 50 pound notebooks

8 wormy apples

7 swans a swimming

6 gloppy gluesticks

5 squeaky erasers

4 protractors

3 broken pencils

2 loads of homework

And a hernia because my backpack was so heavy

Today was the day I’ve been dreading for a long time. The infamous mile run. Every other year we did the half mile run, and that was nothing compared to this. I know I did twist my ankle a couple of days before, but I know that I could have done better. I didn’t get to finish :(. Well the teacher did make me stop because she knew I hurt my ankle, but nothing can convince me that I did good. But to be honest, I dont like the mile run. I dont think anyone does, except the jockey kids who sound like Macklemore all the time, and play dodge ball every day at recess. I am definitely not one of them. Nor will I ever plan to be. Though I think I am pretty cut for it, I have the strength of a baby deer that just got out of a super hot sauna. I know, sad, isn’t it? So I will have to do it again. I’m pretty sure the mile run shouldn’t exist, because I think it is abusing children. Though today I had the biggest ‘I am a total hypocrite’ situation . I was telling Lucas he could do it when he was running, and suddenly I went in my old man voice and said “Back in my day, if we didn’t run a 10k in kindergarten, we would have been slapped on the back fifty times with a ruler!” Then I failed horribly. Sorry Lucas, if you are reading this. you probably are, but still, I am a total hypocrite. Basically I have been talking about the mile all day, and talking about how unfair it is so it would make me sound better. So that was my day, bye!