On the 12th day of school, my teacher gave to me, 12 school bells ringing

11 rulers ruling

10 pop quizes

9 50 pound notebooks

8 wormy apples

7 swans a swimmimg

6 gloppy gluesticks

5 squeaky erasers

4 protactors

3 broken pencils

2 loads of homework

And a hernia because my backpack was so heavy!

Ok, it is the end of that. Sorry if you were like “What is this?” and (Do this with your best Marge Simpson impression) “My gosh, what is this here.” It was just a little tradition I wanted to start, to make things more interesting. You probably thought it was dumb, so did I, but I already started, so I can’t just stop. Anyways back to my day. So many things that didn’t happen. It wasn’t a very interesting day. Except for one thing, but I will get to that. Today was a typical day,if you know what I mean. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you now that when I say something is typical, it is not. But today was different :(. It was not like a normal day, which a normal day normally isn’t normal. Oh, but there was that one thing, but I will get to that. Today at recess I was thinking of camels. Don’t ask me why. I used to think a mammal was a camel, and when I heard someone tell me that I was a mammal, I thought I was a weird 4 legged creature with hump water. But then I understood that camels are mammals, so are many other creatures. That happened a couple of years ago. Also, another dumb thing happened today. I was doing a lame cup trick with my brother (You know, the classic “Which cup is the object under?”) But I had a twist. Instead of twisting the cups around, I just told him the object was in the right cup. But he thought it was to his right. But it was to mine. He said “You liar!” I said “But it is in the cup to the right” and I showed him. He said “No, that is the left.” Then he said “Is it my right or your right?” Then I answered “It is my right, and your left.” That was meant to confuse you, but it might have just made you really want to turn off your computer, or phone. But anyways, back to the thing. Later today we had a soccer game, and I was out on the bench. A little girl walked by and I said “Hey look, I can lift up the world. It was a turf field so I could sort of pull up the grass a little bit. I showed her, and she just looked at me. A horrible look. It made me feel so ashamed. It was just so deep, it felt like she was staring in to my soul. Ok, that might have come off as creepy, but still. It was just a insanely deep look, and it made me feel feelings that I have never felt before. Of course, then I was called out in to the field. Long story short, we lost. It is not like I cared, winning or losing never affected me. But anyways, right now it is 9:00 at night, and I’m considering spraying myself with water. Or jumping in to the town water supply. Or going to the fire station, and get a hose, and use it. Or even going to the town pool, jumping over the fence, lifting up the pool covers, (I don’t know what they are called) and jumping in. But I’m almost done, so all I have to say now is bye!