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Many of you know about Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. My Dad told showed me the video a couple years ago. It scared the heck out of me. In case you didn’t see it, here it is.

The video scared me so much. I still run out of my house screaming when he turns in to a werewolf. I still don’t get why the girl doesn’t run when she sees Micheal turning in to a Werewolf. Why wouldn’t she just run. Though I understand, if you could possibly be more scared then I was at that part you would have died. If I were the girl I would have had been paralyzed with fear, and when I tried to run I would have probably had fell on my face a couple of times. Poor girl. Also when the girl who was actually on a date with Micheal she would probably have been able to outrun dancing zombies. But still, you don’t just see the undead dancing. They don’t even have a brain. If a zombie saw a zombie movie they would be like “Hey, look at those idiots!” Hypocrites. Anyways, if the girl running from the dancing zombies didn’t go in that house, she would have probably been alive. It’s not like the zombies were going fast, she could just run away, and then a couple years later she would see them again, and run to an airport and fly to Europe. That probably would have solved her zombie problem. Back to my day. Imagine a TV at a wrong input. A blank TV making that annoying buzzing noise. Yup, that is what my day was like. I spent all day writing down notes for a school project (That is my cover up if my teacher is reading this.) Just kidding (Seriously though.) I actually did spend my whole day doing that. I’m proud because I’ve never done that before. Right now I’m blogging on my Kindle because my computer isn’t working. I’m on my bed, but I hear something underneath me. I used to be scared of what is under my bed, but not anymore. Get realistic! I don’t think a mutant crocodile is under there. I doubt there is any monsters, but I hear something. There it is again! I think it is a rat or something. You know what, I’m just going to look under there. I saw something! It was a weird, hairy creature. I shall go shine a flashlight under there. I did that, and there was my dog. He was under my bed. At least I can say that there was something under there. May I ask you a question? Did the Thriller music video scare you? If it did, please tell me in the comments. I just want to make sure I’m not the only one. Many people were scared of it when it came out, but I still am! Please don’t let me embarrass myself.