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Bye bye favorite month of the year. I always loved September, but now I will have to go through October, November, December, January, and every other gosh darn month of the year. I don’t even care about my birthday month right now, I will just miss September. Stuff like this is mostly what I will miss:

This is a cute scarecrow I found earlier. Shouldn't call it a scarecrow, how about a cute crow! No, ok.-Charlie


Isn’t this something you will never forget? Forget Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Patty’s day, Love day, even Arbor day. I always loved September because I love how the leaves are just starting to fall, apples are good, everything just feels happy. Not too hot, not too cold, it’s perfect, just gosh darn PERFECT! September is amazing, a month you will miss. Forget Summer, this is the best. It might seem abnormal to hate summer, and every other month of the year besides September, but it’s not like I care. I’m my own person. And I love September. Especially scarecrows. It just seems like they tell me “LOVE ME, LOVE ME! LOOK HOW ADORABLE I AM, JUST LOVE ME! LOVE MY INANIMATE BODY, WHO CARES! I’M CUTE!” I might seem like I’m unstable, and I would make all the garden gnomes in the world to feel my wrath, but I just love September. I think you got the idea. Let’s knock September off the table for now (Sorry if you got hurt September :)), but I would like to talk about The Amazing Thomas. Today in music class, my friend Thomas claimed he could play Hot Cross Buns with his nose. As disgusting and tots immature as that sounds (Sorry I’m not hip enough to say tots), he did it. Can you believe that? My life will never be normal. He actually sounded great. I tried it myself, and it sounded like mutant raccoons just ended World War 3. It didn’t turn out good. If anyone who loves September feels my pain about this month going away, do something about it. You got a gift, embrace it. EMBRACE IT!