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Today was school picture day. I usually have really bad luck with pictures, I can never keep a straight face. In first year of preschool picture, I looked like a psychotic laughing walrus. In my second year of preschool photo, I looked like I was going to creep in to your house at midnight. In my Kindergarten photo, I looked fine, but the kid right next to me (Who looks like the boy from the Home Alone movies) did bunny ears on me. In my first grade photo, I looked like a descendant of the queen of England. In my second grade photo, I had an open smile, and I lost my two front teeth and a vampire tooth, so I look like I was hit by a car and I lost my teeth. The kid next to me in that picture looked like an elf. In my third grade photo, I was so happy, it made me look so different from everyone else around me, who had really sad smiles. And finally, in my fourth grade photo, I was laughing right when the picture was taken (Because Lucas made me laugh by doing the straightest face ever, which sadly appeared on the photo), and I didn’t necessarily look too good . See what I mean? I have a really bad history with school pictures. And I’m worried about the one man picture. I bet I looked like this:

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I might be over exaggerating, but I know none of my school pictures ever looked normal. I think I’m fine. Anyways, later we wrote little point of view stories. My teacher put a picture on the SMART board, and we had to write two little stories showing both the characters point of view. The picture was of two boys chasing chickens. I tried to find the picture, but I couldn’t. Here is my story through the chickens point of view:
  As I ran, my whole life flashed before my eyes. Dang it, I forgot I couldn’t fly. Oh yeah, I forgot I was being chased by monsters. They were so close, I though it was the end. My brothers and sisters trampled over me as we ran, but I knew it was too late. This was the end. My black and white feathers were falling off. Everything went in slo-mo. One of the monsters jumped, and nearly landed on me. I knew the right thing to do. I lunged at him, and pecked faster then ever before. Then we ran after them, and made them feel the pain they put us through.
Depressing, right? This is through one of the boy’s point of view.
 Those chikens wer so funy. We wer runing after dem. I jus wanted to kiss the sense owt of dem. The one with bwack and wite fethers looked lonely. All of dem wer so cute! Then I fellt bad for the one with bwack and wite fethers, so I jumped at him. Then he started kissing me, but it hurt! I got up, and they staarted chsing me! All I wanted to do was hug dem! I’m telling on dem!
Sorry if you couldn’t read that. I wanted to make it a little more realistic. The story was a little dumb, but I was proud of it. I’m pretty sure everyone has gone through bad school pictures on their life. I know I was probably over exaggerating, but if you saw the photo you would know. School pictures always kind of bothered me. If they bothered you, say cheese!