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You are lucky that I have taken the liberty to tell this story. It is just too painful to talk about. Sorry I just really wanted to say that. It was at recess, the sun was high. I was on the courtyard, minding my own business. Then, I walked over to a tree, and found it. I just discovered a secret society. The waffle club was there. One of the members tried to put the stamp on me, as my initiation to join their dastardly group. I ran, but they chased me. A girl who seemed to be their leader ran after me, and tried to stamp me. It went on for a while, so let’s skip that part. I was running, and I fell down on the ground. Everything was in black and white. I heard an extremely loud ringing noise in my ear. They’re talking sounded like an adult in Charlie Brown. Then the girl bent down, and stamped me on the arm. It was horrible. She wrote my name in her Superior Waffle notebook. And now, I don’t know what to do. But let’s throw that off the table for now. In music today we sang a really sad song. It went like this. “My father lost his job, my grandma cannot walk, my mom is oversea, there is this war you see. I cannot sleep at night, our heating broke, help me Santa Claus!” Isn’t that the most upsetting Christmas song you have ever heard? It’s not even Halloween yet, and we’re singing Christmas songs. My friend Jacob (A.K.A T.J Wit) helped me come up with a parody to that song. It went like this: ” My father gave me only 43,286 presents, my grandma said hi to me and not good evening, my mom put her elbows on the table, there is here short memory span you see. I can’t sleep at night, my cat won’t talk to me, help me Santa Claus!” You know we ran out of things to say when we thought of ”My cat won’t talk to me.” I’m not a good songwriter. So today was another interesting day, so I guess I will just end it with a picture I drew in school:

Poor fish!