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I have come to a conclusion. I have really bad luck with little kids. If you read my post “Disturbing Looks From A Little Girl,” you know that a little girl mocked me. That does sound pathetic and makes me sound like a garden gnome, but it is what happened. But I have had another encounter with really depressing young girls. Last night I had a soccer game. The other team was beating us, and after someone scored a goal, I yelled at the other team “FISH DESPISE YOU! YOU GET TO BLINK, AND THEY DON’T?” Then this girl turned around and looked at me. But it wasn’t a normal look. She had like 50 pounds of eyeliner on, and I think she was wearing makeup on her cheeks, because they were super red. She looked like a clown, from a foreign circus that purposely scares children in to yelling “EAT BROCCOLI! BROCCOLI IS LOVE! DON”T YOU WANT TO GROW UP BIG AND STRONG!” I actually don’t want to grow up really strong. People will probably think I have problems. I know that sounds like a stereotype, but on Disney channel they set these stereotypes all the time. But I hope you know what I mean now. Kids just don’t seem to like me. It might seem like I’m over exaggerating, but it is the truth. I had another encounter with depressing children later in the day, but I will get to that. Later today we went to the Annual Craft and Corvette Show in our town. It was pretty big, and it was fun. But I sat down on a bench, and a woman with her baby walked by. Then another woman walked by, and they started talking. But then the baby looked at me. It felt like he was yelling at me “YOU WASTE OF SPACE! YOU PIECE OF DIRT! YOU ARE WORTHLESS! WORTHLESS!” It was a mean baby. It looked like he felt sorry for me. It made me feel so bad. Dumb baby! Sorry, baby. We were at the fair for a few more hours, and it was really fun. I had free cotton candy, a pretzel, and a bag of roasted cinnamon glazed peanuts. I’m surprised I didn’t look like a bloated walrus afterwards. So, yeah. I might sound over dramatic, and sound prone to disturbing looks from children. But if I’m going to live this life, I’ll have to accept it. So, I’m glad you read all the way to the bottom (Even if you just skipped ahead, thank you), thank you for reading!

This is what I feel they are telling me