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The scarecrow and huge corn stalks. The corn stalks have actual corn in it 🙂

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My Terrarium!

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GGHHHOSSTTT! And my toilet paper pumpkin!

In Fall, all I love to do is decorate. I don’t care if it doesn’t look good, just as long as I do it. I know it isn’t that close to Halloween yet, but I already was too excited and forced my family to move it out. But that wasn’t enough for me, so I went to my mom to Walmart yesterday, and we came home with 2 corn stalks through the car, and a scarecrow in the back. I put those up, but I felt strangely unsatisfied. So the next day, my Dad took me to Produce Junction, and we came home with 2 pumpkins, and a bale of hay. The hay was the best part. So I put those up, but again I felt strangely unsatisfied. So, I got a large piece of wood, made a newspaper ball, used a sledgehammer to knock the piece of wood in the ground, attached the newspaper ball to the top of the piece of wood, got a white sheet, and threw it over the piece of wood. I made a ghost! It actually turned out better then expected (Surprisingly), but I had to move the blanket several times because the piece of wood showed. But again, strangely unsatisfied. So, I went with my Mom to Micheal’s, and I bought a glass jar. A glass jar may seem pointless, but I will get to that. On the way home, we saw a squirrel. You may be thinking “Okay, you saw a squirrel. What is so special about that?” Well, when we were driving, he stopped, and we thought he was stuffed. He was just sitting there eating a nut, still as a porcelain duck. We were so close to hitting him, but he still just stood there. And finally, when we came to a conclusion that he was stuffed, we started driving and he ran away. That squirrel must have the brains of a…..um…..squirrel. Then, we got home, I got my pumpkin, I got a roll of toilet paper, scissors, and tape. So I covered the pumpkin in toilet paper, taped it, and drew eyes with a sharpie. And voila! I got a mummy. It was actually a mommy mummy, because I wrapped a small apple in toilet paper. I now had a mommy mummy. And I put it on the hat bale. And to the glass jar. I got a branch off a pine tree, and brought it inside. I sprinkled the branch in the jar, and put a little raccoon trick or treater guy in there. Then I broke a stick, and put it in there. The stick looked like a dead tree, which is sort of what I was going for. Even if I wasn’t trying to make it a dead tree, it probably would have turned out that way anyways. Then I got play-dough, and made a spooky house, with a full moon over it. It was 2D, so it didn’t take up the whole space. And there was my own terrarium! But then, I actually felt satisfied. I put the terrarium outside, and our house looked pretty good. I’m not trying to praise myself, and make me sound like a high classed British lady. I just think it looked pretty cool. And just one hour ago, I was in the basement, looking around, and I saw it. The head of our old butler! It was a freaky green butler head, that my mom mom gave me a couple of years ago. It used to have a body, but it freaked me out, so I accidentally broke it. Emphasis on ‘Accidentally.’ It freaked me out again, so I threw it under a pile of junk. The world may never know, that that butler ever existed. It now lives under an endless void, in which he can not escape. Trapped in an inanimate head forever. Lost, useless. Sorry if I sounded freaky right there, I just turned in to a Gothic person. Right now I feel like tomorrow is Halloween, because of all this stuff I’m saying, and all these ads and episodes of Disney channel shows. What, I’m a Disney princess. If I was a Disney princess, I don’t think I would b a good one. Just my assumption. My thoughts on Halloween are: Clowns, scary clowns, spiders, even more clowns, clowns, clowns EVERYWHERE! Very scary clowns, clowns, cows, why cows I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE! Chainsaws, clowns, feet, clowns, more clowns, canoes, bat, and CLOWNS! There might be something wrong. Or even more then wrong, wronger than wrong. So, that was how my day turned out. Finally, being ambitious got me somewhere. At the top of the post,  I will show you the pictures of our well decorated humble home, I hope you like it!