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Thing happened today. It was a sort of interesting day, not too much happened. Though there was one thing, but I will get to that. Bwahahahahah! You are not really missing anything, it is only very interesting. Bwahahahahah! Oh wait, I just remembered you could just skip to the end. Please don’t, every word I write I feel like “Every word I write feels like a waste of time, but a part of me doesn’t want to leave. I’m so confused!” So now if officially feels like fall to me. If you read my post (If you didn’t here is the link: https://charlierocks123.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/my-obsession-with-decorating/) “Insane Me,” you will now that I go insane with decorating, and anything involved with fall. But until a few days in to October, I feel like it is still Summer. Everything seems yell low. And I hate that color! Fall is just a nice month, filled with leaves, cold air, cheesy decorations, pumpkins, and scarecrows. I now have a scarecrow, but I still feel like I want another one. I also have a bale of hay, and two huge corn stalks. I can’t call myself normal and get away with it, because I’m not a normal kid, and by that I mean the normal stereotype set on kids, that they are obsessed with toys and will buy that whenever they get to it, because I blew off all my money on decorations. I just really like them! And now it is fall, and leaves are everywhere, and I see a bunch of kids raking someone’s yard, while wishing they had a car, so they could just drive away from that yard, because they pile back breaking labor on you. Unfortunately I know that feeling, because once I was raking a huge yard, and there was a gigantic tree in the middle, and leaves just kept falling! At 6:00 we were still raking the yard, and when I thought I was finished, there was a huge gust of wind, and a branch fell off the tree, and leaves fell everywhere. So I left. And I didn’t rake a yard since. Fall is just amazing, and I hope you agree. At school today, I had a sad experience with gym class. We were playing a game that would teach us to throw a football, and whenever a ball came close to me I just kept screaming. We were in hula hoops, and there were people out of the hoops that would try to get the football after a person in the hoop threw one and missed. Then, the person who missed would get out and try to get the ball. Long story short: I could safely say I was out almost out the whole time. I could never catch the ball, which resulted in me screaming, and me getting out. It was sad, so sad that I’m admitting it. You really just had to be there to understand how sad it was. At lunch today, Lucas and I came up with a theory. On the exit signs on the cafeteria doors, there was this blinking light, and we suspected it was a security camera. My friend Jake said “If this is a security a camera, there is only one way to know for sure. Lets give it dirty looks, and if it is a security camera, they will come and tell us to stop!” We all knew that it wasn’t actually a camera, so we couldn’t get harm from doing it. So we did, and then a couple of minutes later, the secretary came in to the office. She walked up to us and said “Hello, I just came to tell Jake that he can get free lunch today because he forgot to bring it today.” When she came, it scared me so much that I was ducking under the bench. Oh yeah, now to that interesting thing. My brother there was digging in our little cabinets today. He found my old diary, which I wrote in 1st grade. There was a lock on it, so we both found ways to not break open a first graders journals. Don’t throw it against a wall, because the lock on the journal is plastic, and it will cave in, so it will be even harder to open. Don’t use a toothpick to pick it open, because it will just break in half, and you can’t get it out. Don’t try to create a friction that will set it on fire and melt it, because it doesn’t work that way. How he opened it, I don’t know. All I know is that it is with me right now, and there is no lock. I opened it up, and I noticed every page is yellow, and every corner of the page there is a picture of Spongebob, giving strange looks at Squidward, who is in the other corner. Here is the first couple of entries in the diary:

Dear diary

today It was my birthday party. everybody came except ANONYMOUS. My Mommy brought Party favors. She even ordered a flying hover craft. She even got a “hop Potato”. a “kickball” a “Wiffle ball & bat. everybody who names where Alex. Jacob. ryan and jack. John. Stephen. Lucas. Robert. 11 kids came to the party. Yesterday I had a baseball game. I faced the Philleas. me and my team won the game. Since I did so good daddy brought me a video game called elebits. first I got Stuck on mission 1 and got a clear sign after.


easter break just ended yesterday. and speaking of that today we had a field trip to Johnsons farm. It was super cold because I dident have a coat. but the first place we visted the flower cage then we had a hay ride to pick spinuge. Then they took us to feed the animals. there was a little play ground.with.slide. then the bus came. I did want to go but we had to go. We came form medford to HOME TOWN SORRY NOT SHOWING. Once we got back every body Washed there hands then we went to lunch. The lunch room was noisy as a crowd. After lunch we had recess.

Sunday Nov. 2011

Today I went to learning express and found sock monkeys

That was all of my entries. Sorry if you couldn’t read it, I didn’t want to change the mistakes. This was my history, and now it seems to me like my whole life revolves around school. Every entry (3 entries) had to do with school. I’m probably exaggerating, because in summer I’m usually bored, and there was only 3 entries. But now that a piece of my personal life is on the internet, no more information.

As bad as the information can be, there will be more of it soon. Bwahahahahaaha!