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Well, I had a, how you say, interesting with a touch of awkward, scary, corn filled day. Corn filled actually means, something, something deep, something strange. But I will get to that. This day was a day, a day to say it was a day, a day filled with, with, WITH….. CORN! And numbers, because this is my 49th post! Next one is the 50th, and I have to say that I am excited. 49 posts, and one more to go for 50. But there shall be more of that soon. Back to this, corn filled day. I was stuck in a corn maze. You heard it, I was stuck, in the center of a deathtrap. You will hear more of that later. Bwahahahahhha! So, to make all this make sense, lets go to the beginning of this, odd day. This morning my mom said that we were going to Springdale Farm. She invited her friend Amanda, and her daughter Natalie. It was a cute place, with cute stuff, and scarecrows. There was also a turkey made out of gourds, which cost 55 dollars. And you know what, it was small. Like bite sized, with its stupid legs, and red snood.  And then the tractor came. We went on a hay ride, and on it I’m pretty sure we annoyed the driver enough to drive faster. So he stopped driving at the pumpkin patch, and we tried to find the perfect one. We found a tall green one, and I envisioned it with googly eyes, sharpie marker all over his zigzaggy hair, mad eyebrows, and an evil mouth. I tried to bring it to the tractor, but I dropped it, flipped it over, and there was a huge orange spot on the back. So I left it. We got another pumpkin, and it was a perfect one. Not too big, short and stubby, had a perfect stem, perfect for my, Granumpkin. A granumpkin is something you will know about on Halloween. You should envy my knowledge of things I know about. We got back on the tractor, and we went off. On the ride we were so close to the corn stalks, so we put our hands out and touched the corn. When I accidentally(On purpose) pulled a piece of corn out. Freaked out, I threw it somewhere in the corn fields. The world may never know what ever happened that day, except the people who did it. Then we passed the eggplants. I don’t know what egg has to do with plants. Or plants have to do with eggs. The driver sped up there, and we got off the tractor. Afterwards, we found the corn maze, and I was anxious to do it, Marshall was begging not to, my mom was full of denial, and Natalie and Amanda said no. So guess what, we went in. I made a mistake. I felt like I was going to die. It was so much easier when I could just look above it, and draw a line to the end. I thought the kids from “Children Of The Corn” were going to appear out of nowhere, with a knife. But then, it happened. I accidentally went on a different path, and I was separated. You don’t know how scared I was. Then, I saw the shiny glisten of a knife. I was running away, and he chased after me. He had stitched bag on his head, with no face. I ran, and I ran, but he was faster. I saw the end, and jumped out, but he grabbed me. That is a freaky daydream, right? Well, we were never separated, but I was freaking out. We were in the for 30 minutes, before I couldn’t take it anymore, and ran through to the corn to the end of the maze. Good thing I didn’t make a trail or break corn stalks, or else I would have been in trouble. Pathetic as it sounds, I bet a lot of people (Besides me, let’s just pretend that never happened) broke through that corn maze. And my destruction of maze won’t mean anything. Well that’s what I’m hoping. We left, and I knew that I was going to be beckoned from the spirits from that maze, and it will not be pretty indeed. Okay that might have come off as creepy, I meant to say “I know I will be back there soon, because they had a whole lot of decorations that I would love to place in a specific spot, good or not.” At home, we had fun. Marshall and I played chicken wars with 2 giant stuffed ducks. We made soup. I sat down. I ate the soup. I sat down. I started typing. And, I just shared with you a secret. That corn maze thing shall stay in the corn maze. I honestly don’t care if you let people know about it: I reached that point in my life where I know that these things happen. I’ll just have to accept it.