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Writing doesn’t usually come out easy. Usually when you decide to make a new post you just stare at a blank screen, without any half interesting ideas. It does happen to me. It just did, because I normally don’t do a whole post about writing. I’m doing it today because there is not much to talk about, except the fact that… NOTHING HAPPENED! It is not like I expect something interesting to come out of every day, and I know I have a whole bunch of boring days, it is just that today was a day off of school, and you would normally expect a kid to go insane on days like that. Like you would expect them to kick a ball around. But I’m not that person. I’m the guy who would curl up in the corner and read a good book, or play video games until my eyes feel like they will melt. I get excited when soccer practice is canceled, and feel like having a party epically when a game is canceled. I don’t usually do those activities that stereotypes on boys suggest. I usually feel pressured because people expect young boys to run around a field, or play sports. I’m definitely not like that, and if I was, I don’t think I would enjoy it much. It is just not me.

I thought this post would be all about writing, I guess I guessed wrong. But lets just talk about that a little bit more. A lot of bloggers feel pressured to make a post because they haven’t done one in a while. But when they finish, they feel great. You check your blog every 5 minutes to check if there is new comments, likes, and followers. It usually isn’t easy to write a new post, but it is worth it. When you are in to it, you just know what to write. Maybe I’m not the most qualified person to say this, because I know I’m not a great blogger. I’m just encouraging people who don’t have a blog to get one, or people who gave up to try it again. If I can do it, you definitely can. When I was little, I used to write little books and staple them. I usually find them and look back on memories that I had, and I love those moments. Spoiler alert: They weren’t good stories. I’m not necessarily a good writer, and I guess I respect that. I dug around for a while, and I found a bunch of those stories. I found a whole bunch of Scooby-Doo fan fiction. I was in to that show, and I would watch it every night at 8:00, and if I was even close to missing it, I would yell at everyone and threaten to break the TV. My mom got me in to that phase, and after a few years went by, I stopped watching it. My fan fiction wasn’t too good. It would normally be like “The mystery gang went to a haunted house. There was a ghost. The ghost chased them. Shaggy said “Zoinks!” Velma yelled “Jinkies!” They caught the ghost. They took the ghosts mask off. It was the principal of the  haunted high school. Then end.” I’m not too good at writing, and I can prove it by showing you the pages of a book I wrote:

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