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50 posts! I can’t believe it. I came in to WordPress like a clueless ape. I had no idea what could happen. Writing seemed so hard, I thought about quitting so many times. On my 4th post, I did a three day delay with posts, and I thought my blog was over. But I started again, and now here I am. I remember on my first post “Hello World,” I thought I would just stop blogging before I got to 5 posts. Yet here I am. I know that there are many better blogs then mine, and I know for sure they exist, but at least I have a blog, and I made it to 50 posts! Here is the link for Hello World: https://charlierocks123.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/hello-world/. This has been a rollercoaster. From Jocktots to Screaming Goats, I still have this blog, and I’m still writing on it. I can name thousands of better blogs, but at least I have one, and I got this far with it. To be honest, everyone who writes a blog wants viewers. People just cover it up by saying that they don’t care about followers, or how many views they get. And I have to be honest here, I do want followers and views and comments. I get super excited if I get a follower, or even just get 8 viewers. Even if I get a spam comment, I get excited as a kangaroo when her child leaves her pouch. If you don’t know what that means, when a baby kangaroo leaves the pouch, the mother has a whole lot of extra weight lifted from her. But I guess that is ok. I hope one day I can get 100 posts, and still be writing cheesy memoirs. This blog means everything to me, and without it, I think I would just be a useless bag of water. Blogging is just a passion of mine, and I would have a whole lot of free time without it. I have nothing to do in most of my free time, so that is good. I just hope that 100 posts is a possibility, and maybe 200 posts.

Lets talk about something else for now, and maybe this will get interesting. Today we went to “Barrington Day!” It was a cool street fair. And you will never guess what I saw. We saw a little animal pen, and we walked down to it. I went up to the pen, and an animal quickly moved its head up a hit me in the eye. There was Stony the Party Llama. I can’t believe I encountered the party llama again. In my post “Stony The Party Llama”(Here is the link: https://charlierocks123.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/stony-the-party-llama/), you will know that I saw a car sponsoring this llama. And I encountered it again. But I could tell it wasn’t the llama, because this llama’s fur was BLACK! The real party llama’s fur was WHITE! EVERYTHING IS A LIE!

So this was my 50th blog post. I can’t believe I got this far, and I hope I can go father. Even if I don’t have the most popular blog, at least I have a blog. I’m glad I’m not a normal kid, and if I was I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now. Normality is boring. If I was normal, I would not be happy. But at least I am.  And if I have the cruddiest blog in the world, at least I’m writing it, and at least I’ve gotten this far. At least I know this is my blog, and this is The Universe According To Charlie. As cheesy as that is, this is my 50th post, and I hope there is plenty more where that came from.