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Everyone knows that people get bullied a whole lot, and there are many no bullying zones. I wonder where the word bully came from. Are they calling the bully a miniature bull? That would be offensive to the bully, epically to the bull. Ok, we are getting off topic here. But do they monitor fast food restaurants for bullying?

Once when I was in 1st grade we went to McDonald’s. You know what, that place has become so popular that it is a word now in many dictionaries. If you don’t believe me, look, you will find it. I was eating my chicken nuggets (That was also the day that began my week long vegetarian phase, I found out that I was actually eating chicken), and I was stuffing my face full of fries, and the Marshall beckoned me to go in the indoor playground with him. We went through the tubes, and I thought I got lost. I crawled around really fast, crying and screaming. And then I found the slide. And then I bumped in to this, um, big boy, and he called me a crybaby. To be honest, I can no longer say that is offensive, because all babies cry, and if they don’t they will dry up and be all wrinkly. I stood there paralyzed  with fear, while a fat boy said I was fat, and that I was a baby. But then I got so mad, I rammed in to him, and he fell head first down the slide. But then I felt bad, so I went down there, and apologized. And then he called me a CENSORED! Ever since then I didn’t go in the McDonald’s playground, and I never went down the slide. So what I’m saying is that we should stop this. As low case as it is, and how non serious it is, it happened to a first grader. So who is with me! We can stop this! McDonald’s bullying no more! We can shape the world in to an egg! And destroy playground bullies!

There was also something else I wanted to talk about. I saw a copy of the painting “The Scream,” and it really freaked me out. Why was he screaming, and what was wrong with his face? It reminded me of the movie I saw “Scream!” That movie made me turn around every 5 seconds and yell “Don’t kill me!” for a month. The 2 people in the background looked suspicious in the picture, so I came up with a back story. The man was walking with his girlfriend and his friend, and the sun was setting, and it was blood red for some reason. His girlfriend said “You know what, I’m tots breaking up with you, like tots now.” And then she said “Hey you, do you want to be my tots boyfriend?” And then his friends walked ahead of him, and he screamed. So that was why he was screaming. A really intense break up.

I hope you are now with me that there should no longer be McDonald’s bullies. Everyone should know about this, and they should have started a movement already. And squirrels don’t eat corn! For the past few days, squirrels have been attacking my cornstalks, after I found out that there was actual corn in them! Ever since, the stalks have been shrinking. So it is a war against the squirrels. Don’t be greedy, chip in, and help us fight the squirrels. We know we’ll win, and they know we’ll win. So lets make a corn friendly environment! And also, lets end these McDonald’s bullies. It is up to you…:0