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To be honest, I never gave the movies “Toy Story” much thought. Movies always

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“Why hello, I will meet you in your dreams tonight, maybe it won’t be a dream.”

scared me when I was little. When I saw E.T for the first time, it terrified me. Why would this disgusting alien not freak out a little boy? Why does this alien have a glowing finger? I just didn’t understand it. Now when I watch E.T, I see what was so touching about it. He still freaks me out though. He reminds me of a camel, with big eyes, dry skin, a menacing looking pointer finger that glows up, OK now I realize that he looks nothing like a camel. But with movies in general, I never liked them before. I saw Toy Story, but I didn’t like it. I think Toy Story is black magic. My friend Annie suggested this before, and now I sort of agree with her. I’m not trying to start some crazy conspiracy, I’m just saying, moving dolls, what do you think that is? MAGIC! But the fact that they don’t move when someone is looking, it sort of seems like they are plotting and scheming. Like when the boy holds a doll, they can’t tell that behind their backs these dolls have the capability of muuuurrrddddeeerrrr! I just find that disturbing, and now the movie doesn’t seem so appealing to me. I saw this when I was little, but it did give me a bad feeling. It did scare me, I thought there was an evil guy controlling the dolls when I was little. But still, inanimate talking dolls? THAT IS BLACK MAGIC! TOY STORY IS EVIL! Did anyone else notice this? It seems evil, and looks evil. I wonder what Disney was thinking when they decided to make a movie about talking toys who move only when humans aren’t looking. I can’t say that is normal, but I guess the movie is ok. I still don’t like it. To make myself sound a little less, creepy, demonic, conspiracy fanaticy, there was another movie I wanted to talk about. Have you ever seen the movie Coraline? That movie scared me so much! In the theater when it was the part when the ghost was pulling Coraline by the ear, I screamed so loudly and kicked the seat in front of me so badly that the person in the row ahead of us yelled at me, and my Dad pulled me out of the room. I waited outside, and my brother said a cat scratched a persons eyes out in the end. I am still glad that I left the theater, while my brother saw a cat scratching somethings eyes out. Which side would you choose on that debate? I would be too scared to actually watch it, so I would love to be the one who runs out of the theater crying and screaming. Also who got a little wet, but lets not talk about that. I hope you know agree that E.T, Toy Story, and Coraline are incredibly scary movies. At least to me, any normal person could sit right through the movie, without a complaint. Humiliation ruled me out today, and I definitely think you could agree. Don’t answer that. E.T, phone hooommmmmeeeeee! That also makes me wonder, how could E.T call a distant planet with a phone? Would they even receive it? To be honest I didn’t pay attention to the movie. I don’t know what the hack they were riding a bike in the sky for. I don’t know if it was powered by chicken wings or love. But I have to give credit to my friend Annie for the Toy Story observation. (Everyone roll your eyes, I’m annoyed at myself for giving credit.) Ok, you know what, I don’t know how to finish because of my mediocre ways, so instead of bye, CHEESECAKE!