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So now I’ve been crowned the name of annoying. I got this from my soccer game last night. I helped my team in a non-athletic way. Which makes sense, I’ve never scored a goal, blocked a goal, or even dribbled the ball far enough to get to the goal. I helped by distracting the offenders. I yelled at a girl “You are an arrogant goldfish!” She yelled “Whhhhaaaaaa!” and missed the goal. That whole game I was yelling out random comments and yelling stupid observations. I yelled at a boy “You stepped on a mushroom! The fungi are now preparing for World War 3!” Spoiler alert: We won the game, 6-3. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a sports guy, so soccer doesn’t come easily for me.

Right after that we went to the 6th grade “Haunted Hall!” I got a cryptic voice mail from a person announcing about it. We went there, and noticed that things looked….interesting. I was biased that this whole thing would be incredibly cheesy. When we went through, I expected a ghost to pop out and say….

The whole thing was sort of forced. Someone fired a smoke machine right at a little kid’s face, and it was like he was just pushed back, because he flew backwards and started coughing. The skits that they did were cool, it is just that there were a couple of mistakes. I definitely liked it, it was fun. There was one that was sort of freaky; There was 3 people dressed up as dolls, doing a really creepy dance. It was either that the dance was freaky, or I just find stupid things and call them scary. I also liked a skit where there was three people at an Apple store, and they kept hearing knocking, and people kept dying. Spoiler Alert: At the end they found a dead body in their office, and one of them said “Uggghhhh, another dead body in my office! Let’s get rid of it, help me.” The Haunted Hall in general was fun, and surprisingly had a whole lot to do with Jason from Friday The 13th. I don’t know. At one part of it, I let out a short but high-pitched scream, and a chaperone came and yelled “IS EVERYONE OK! I HEARD A SCREAM!” There was also a scene where two characters improvised, they had one of the characters pretend to go non-conscious, and a chaperone came and freaked out. She thought that the person who faked being unconscious actually was unconscious, and she laughed afterwards. I can safely say that the whole thing was great, and they did pretty good acting. There was one amazingly creepy skit, which I was eager to get away from. It took place in this dark room, and there was this chair, with someone on it, but the chair was facing the other direction. And then there was this life sized person dressed up as a doll. Then “Ring Around A Rosie” started playing, but an incredibly freaky version of it. And then the person in the chair sat up, and people dressed up as dolls hidden around the room got up and started walking. Then the lights turned off, and a strobe light went on. I screamed, and then the whole thing was sort of ruined when a little girl started singing along to “Ring Around A Rosie.” If only she knew what that song actually meant….

So now I found a way to win a soccer game. I probably didn’t help much, our team did score 6 goals. I was on defense the whole time. Yelling random comments came easy in that game. I always am creative at the wrong time. Usually when I’m doing homework I flip the page over and draw pictures of Baby Dracula!

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So that sort of explains why people would call me annoying at a soccer game. I help a bit, I guess. I’m not too good at it, so this is my strong point at soccer. Annoying people. My creativity only comes out when I play sports, or do work at school. I can’t just focus on things, and I know that will be a problem in the future. If you ever were going to get a job as an Oracle in the future, I might have beat you to it, because I predict that you just finished reading another one of my posts. Oh right, that wasn’t even predicting anything, it is the truth. Bye!