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I still am looking back at this and laughing. You know how unexpected things always seem to happen in my life? Well, it happened again. And someone who is reading this knows who did this, strange, unexpected, frightening, odd thing. Ok, here goes.

Well, today at the end of music class we were lined up waiting for our teacher, when Kaya, Sophia, and I were pushed together. And then Lucas walked up to us. He said “Hey girls, totsmagots.” Then we stepped back, and he started doing a side to side his walk, while stroking his upper lip with his pointer finger. We stepped back, and he followed. We freaked out and ran, but he followed us while stroking his upper lip. Can you name a worse situation. Don’t answer that. But he kept following us while doing a dance. And then we stepped back while he was following in front, we bumped in to something behind us. There there was, another Lucas doing a stupid dance. Astonished, we moved away from both the Lucas’s as they followed. They enclosed us in a tight area, and we jumped up on the table and ran away. Every person the Lucas’s touched turned in to another Lucas. It was Armageddon! We ran out in to the hallways, and found that the teachers have already been infected. At the door, we tried to get out but they locked it. We were at the door, pounding on it, while Lucas’s doing a hip sideways dance walked up to us while stroking their upper lip with their pointer finger.

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Holy Macintosh!

We crouched down, but they were surrounding us. But then the door that we were leaning on opened, and a man yelled “Run!” We ran with him, while the Lucas’s got out of the school. They had the chance to infect the whole world! We had to get to a safe place. Everyone around us was doing the dance! Alarms were going off, helicopters were using giant vats of bug spray (Only one of us know what that means, Lucas I mean you!), and the whole area was in crisis. The man took us to a Toys R Us store, and he said “Stay here, while I leave you forever!” He locked the doors, and we were trapped in. The lights shut off. And suddenly, realization went in to my head. “This is Lucas’s favorite store! They will be here any second!” Sure enough, within a couple of minutes, Lucas’s were pounding against the door, throwing themselves against it. One of them broke in, and they did the dance while going after us. The finger rub wasn’t funny anymore. We ran in to the staff room, and it was huge. Boxes of toys were everywhere. I jumped in one of the boxes, and noticed something. This is one of the biggest sets in LEGO history! It said so on the box. I jumped out to switch before the Lucass came, but I was too late. They barged through the door right before I could hide. They did the dance while slowly walking up to me. I fell down, and the Lucas’s fingers came closer. The dance was seeming evil. In my last seconds of me, I have to tell you. If you have a LEGO set, get rid of it. But most importantly, there are attracted to……….Noooooo! They got me. I feel myself changing. But wait, the are most attracted to……..BLEAH, I’M A LUCAS NOW, CHICKEN NUGGETS! Run, they are coming! Lock your doors, board up your windows, GET RID OF CHICKEN NUGGETS! There is no time to loose. They will change you! Run away! Chicken nuggets.