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 Oh me oh my, my pumpkin pie! My blog has been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award! I was nominated from . This may be a little late, because she did do it a week ago, but here it is. This award is mostly for people who just started their blog, but it’s fine, it’s fine. According to the rules, I’m supposed to thank the person who nominated me. Thank you again ! Now on to number two on the “Requirement” list. Put the one lovely blog award logo here.

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Alrighty. Now on to number three on the list. Share 7 facts about me. Ok, here goes.

1.) Spiderwebs                                                               

I always run in to spiderwebs. No matter where I go, from motels to Walmart bathrooms, I always run in to spiderwebs. Which is annoying, because I don’t like spiders, and cloth made from spiders. I don’t choose to do this, but it just happens. It usually happens at the worst moment, like if I’m running around I just go right through one. Then my face becomes a plant on the ground.

2.) This is a useless fact

Might as well skip this one, because this isn’t a fact. Actually it is. Saying “This is a useless fact” is a fact. It is a fact stating that this fact is a fact. Oh whatever, onwards to number three.

3.) I Hate Sports

If you actually read my blog, you know that I’m not athletic or jocky in any way possible. I just don’t like sports at all. I’m sorry to any athletic person, I just don’t like running around a field with uncomfortable long socks and equipment. Nothing can change that fact, at all. Well, if I was offered money I definitely would play a sport, because who wouldn’t. I just wouldn’t play sports without someone offering me something or me actually liking it.

4.) I Broke A Window When I Was Three 

When I was three years old, I threw a tinker toy at a window and it broke. But it was a plastic tinker toy! And it was a small one too! I broke it trying to throw the toy at my brother. It was a game we were playing. But to this day I always wonder how on earth I did that.

5.) A Raccoon Hit Me

When I was 5, I saw a raccoon. I thought he was so cute, but when I walked up to him he started chasing me. He chased me to my house, and I ran inside. But it tore a piece of my pant leg off, and to this day I’ve been terrified of raccoons. Who knows, they might turn against and create a raccoon empire, where they will have the power to make every person alive eat liver!

6.) My Fish Lived For 4 Years

Once I had a fish named Swimmy. I know that is anything but an original name, but lets get to the story. He was in a fish bowl for 4 years. That is abnormally long for a fish to live, and it still makes me wonder to this day. I don’t understand why our home wasn’t flooded with scientists. It might be because they were different fish, just my parents got new ones behind our backs. Because the life expectancy for a captivated fish is 2 years.

7.) The Police Broke The Lock On Our Door

When I was really little, my friend Ryan’s little brother Jack called the police after he saw Ryan cross the street to go to a friends house. He might have said it was our address, and he certainly didn’t tell the police that his brother was crossing the street. So I guess they traced the call to our house for some reason, and broke the lock on our because it was locked when they were coming. Ever since then we had a handmade lock, and our door looks abnormal.

Ok, now on to the part everyone has been waiting for. Nominations. This is a tough one. I had to choose 15 bloggers, and inform them by commenting on their blogs. Here goes.

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( I know Roll N Square Sausage just began, but the first post appealed to me in a great way. In other words, I loved the first post.)

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 So there are my nominations. Yes, I actually read these blogs. This took me so long, 3 days in total. Yeah, your welcome. So, again thank you Grynnie for the nomination. And for my nominees stay great! And I just have to nominate one more person…

16.) The Trip Through Annoyingness

That one is Lucas’s blog.  I know there is nothing written on it but I can’t just not post that one. So I hope you enjoyed, and bonjour!


 That may not mean what I think it means, but whatever.