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Most significant bloggers get what we call writer’s block. I can’t really call myself significant, and I’m not doing that, it is just that I’ve noticed that most people get annoyed with this. Writer’s block is what destroyed my last blog. And today I can’t think of anything else to write, so I guess I will write about this. So don’t turn out like this guy.

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Maybe I’m not the most qualified person to be saying this, but I learned from my experience that there are ways to get rid of writer’s block. This isn’t a normal post, because here you would normally see something dim-witted, and dumb. (Not that this isn’t dim-witted and dumb, but lets just continue). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what Writer’s block is. It is when you can’t think of something to write about for a period of time. Over the year since I had my last blog, I’m pretty sure I completely got rid of Writer’s block. who know, it might come up again. But lets get back on track. That is actually one of my own downsides, paying attention isn’t exactly my strong point. See, I just lost what I was doing and started talking about something else. Anyways, here are a couple of ways to get rid of Writer’s block for a while;

1. Choose something random, and write about it

If there was something that just happened in your day, or some opinion that you developed in your mind. Choose that, and write about it. Most people avoid writing strange things, but most people love reading them! Think of a bunny caught on a cobweb. That is probably a bad example, but you know what I mean.

2. Write fiction

One of the hardest things to do ever is writing through non-fiction. Sometimes it is great, and sometimes it is incredibly boring. Either way, it is hard to pick out things that happened in your life, and trying to remember every detail. So write a story! Put some humor in it! Give your readers a smile that most people just don’t get!

3. Do a writing prompt

If you can’t think of anything to write yourself, go to someone else for help. Search up “Writing prompts” and you will find ideas for you to write. Though don’t rely on that too much, because a lot of people look for original material. Not that that isn’t, I’m just saying that you should not rely on other people’s writing ideas, because they are human too, and they might not be able to come up with a whole lot of ideas.

4. Take a break

Maybe you are pushing yourself too hard, and can’t come up with ideas, because you not being able to come up with ideas is filling your mind. Go on a walk. Let nature inspire you. Write about your surroundings. You might find something that inspires you, and write about it.

5. Write what you want

If you had an idea, but you doubt you will get any publicity for it, or you think that you will get on some people’s bad side, don’t listen to it. You had the idea, and you should do it. Even if it is incredibly stupid, at least you posted it. It is your blog, no one elses.

6. Put up a post about your Writer’s block, and ask for ideas

No one can really judge you here. You can’t be embarrassed by the truth. So ask your fellow bloggers for advice. Put up a post about your situation. Maybe a really creative person will come up and tell you something to write about.

7. Stop writing

Maybe you just aren’t yourself. Stop writing, and sleep on it. Don’t push yourself. Maybe when you are doing something else it will just fly in your brain. Maybe you just can’t write that day. No one is forcing you to write. It is only yourself, being annoying.

So, I hope you enjoyed! Good luck with your Writer’s block, if you have it. And I guess I’m glad I could help. Don’t answer that.