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I’ve noticed a whole lot throughout my life that people make mistakes. And I know this from experiences I’ve been through. But I’ve noticed the most that throughout my life people call Frankenstein’s Monster Frankenstein. The doctor is Frankenstein! The monster is the monster. What annoys me the most is the title of the movie “The Bride Of Frankenstein.” Frankenstein is the doctor, so any sane person would think that Frankenstein (The doctor) gets married. (Not that I’m calling myself sane, I’m just saying. Although if you are wondering, I wouldn’t classify myself as a sane person.) But Frankenstein’s Monster gets married! I probably made this mistake millions of times before, but come on! You know what bugs me the most about this? (Besides the fact that bugs have nothing to do with you being annoyed). It is just people don’t think about the doctor. Everyone who has ever talked about Frankenstein’s monster never talks about Frankenstein. To make this even worse, the monster seems like an identity thief. He basically stole Frankenstein’s name, and turned all of the attention of a man that turned someone back to life, to a monster rampaging through the city. Not once in all of the movies does anyone “Good job, FRANKENSTEIN!” or “Great work, hope to see more of it. You’re amazing!” It just seems sad, how a man changed the world in an amazing way, yet no one seems to care. All the townspeople did was attack the scientist’s invention. No praise came out of this. No “Can you please bring back me my dead Portobello mushroom? I’m starting to get lonely, and I really miss him.” Stupid townspeople. All they cared about was the monster who had the strength to turn the necks in to doilies. No one even pays attention to Igor, the humpback. He did a whole lot, you know, being an assistant for a scary scientist. He risked his life by saying he would do that job. He risks being electrocuted, suffocated, mutated, and biologically turned in to a rabbit with Jackelope feet. He deserved more attention. You know what, maybe Igor quit his job, and started doing jazz. Yeah, that seems more realistic.

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Jazz is the only thing that keeps me sane