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So now I just got the notification that I got 1 hundred likes! Which is amazing, but I got it for a bad reason. It happened because I was just fooling around with my blog. I changed the background to a sneezing boy for a couple of minutes, the changed it back. Things were going fine. Then, I went to my post “T.J. Wit,” and I pressed the like button in what seemed to be slow motion. And when I finally pressed the button, I noticed that I got a notification. Right there, it said:

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So I drove myself to a fake victory. If I liked all of my posts, that would have made me go up 59 times. I might have done that, I don’t even really know. I mean, it’s great to have 100 likes, and a bunch of people supporting me, I just don’t like the fact that it is my fault I got this. If I hadn’t pressed that button, this post wouldn’t exist. That probably would be good, but that is not the point. I feel like I just made 60 email accounts and made all of them follow this blog. Well, lets look on the bright side. 100 likes! That is great! I know most people have reached this award at their 30th post by other people liking it for them, and I got 1 hundred likes on my 60th post by myself liking it for me, but at least I’m at that point. 100 likes is a great amount, it just doesn’t feel official when I made myself go there. Maybe I’m looking at this on a wrong perspective. The main thing I’m wondering right now is how many of these likes did I make? Did I do half of them? Or did I do 9 of them? I know this is all incredibly great, I just wish someone else pressed that like button. A different person to press that button would be amazing. But right when I got that notification, if you asked me what I would do if I could go in to the past, I would say I would go a couple of seconds ago and stop myself. Maybe it is a good thing, because of my foolishness, I’m writing a new post. At least I wrote a new post with bad luck. At least I’m writing terrible observations on a keyboard which wouldn’t do anything without the screen I’m looking at. I’m about to press the publish button, it’s going to happen. And, pressed it!